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RIAA Threatens Domain Name Authority

Posted by: , 13:44 AEDT, Thu January 20, 2011

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The RIAA is at it again, this time threatening ICANN for not helping enough to stop piracy

The RIAA is back in the news again, threatening another technology company, this time it's the ICANN, the body responsible for managing top level domains (TLDs).

The latest "sky is falling" proclamation by the RIAA has them concerned that new music themed generic TLDs (gTLD), like .music, could be hijacked by piracy related organizations, and changes to objection standards means that the RIAA will have to show a "likelihood of material detriment to the community named by the objector, and the broader Internet community" before any applications can be rejected.

The RIAA has threatened to "escalate the issue further" if their concerns are not met.

It seems that ICANN is just the latest organization that the RIAA wants to forcibly enlist in their war against online piracy, having previously called on Colleges, Universities, ISPs, the local and national government, computer manufacturers and many others to fight their war.

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