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iPad 2 Dummy At CES Has Apple Fans Excited

Posted by: , 15:57 AEDT, Thu January 13, 2011

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Is it a hoax, an Apple plant, or actually based on factory leaks? The iPad 2 dummy shown at the CES has users wondering

A video showing what appears to be a dummy display version of the iPad 2 at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show has Apple fans worked up and excited.

It is expected that Apple will announce the iPad 2 within the next few weeks, but so far, nobody knows what it will look like or what new features will be present. The latter is still a mystery, but with the former, if the dummy is real, then we will already now what it will look like.

Speculations on the Internet are rife as to the origins of the dummy, whether it is just a fake or hoax, whether it's actually based on leaks from the Chinese factories currently building the iPad 2, or it may even be an elaborate Apple plant to hype up the device in the lead up to the release announcement.

Several Chinese iPad accessory makers have already announced iPad 2 cases, suggesting that the information has been leaked, and that the dummy, shown in the video below, may in fact be real.

Those that want an iPad now are being recommended to wait a few more weeks, since everyone knows the second generation iDevice always means major improvements on the original.



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