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Intel To Offer New Movie Streaming Service, WiDi, and Anti-Piracy Chip

Posted by: , 13:37 AEDT, Tue January 4, 2011

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Intel Insider is a new Video-On-Demand service, but users will have to put up with a new hardware based DRM

Intel's Sandy Bridge also adds new anti-piracy DRMIntel is gearing up to go into the movie business, with announced plans to offer its own video-on-demand (VOD) service, called Intel Insider.

Related to the same announcement, Intel also plans to release WiDi 2.0, which will allow users to stream whatever is being show on their laptops screens straight to a nearby TV.

And to ensure those nasty pirates don't have a field day, Intel is also unveiling a new hardware security chip designed to thwart off attempts to pirate HD movies. Intel hopes that by building the DRM right onto the hardware chip, this will make it harder for hackers to break the DRM compared to software only solutions. Warner Bros. and Best Buy's CinemaNow has already signed up to use this new DRM feature, and both companies have also signed up to be content partners for Intel Insider. Intel's previous efforts at DRM has not been completely successful, with HDMI's HDCP protection broken in September 2010.

All of these features are part of Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture, to be released this month. Sandy Bridge includes graphical processing built right into the same piece of silicon, to offer enhanced performance that is more energy efficient.

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