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Windows Phone 7 DRM Broken?

Posted by: , 14:01 AEDT, Sat January 1, 2011

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Despite being only available recently, the Windows Phone 7 DRM appears to have already been broken, meaning that WP7 app piracy is about to begin

It hasn't been a good day for DRM, as following the PS3 hack, it appears Windows Phone 7's DRM has also been hacked.

A new video has surfaced that shows the breaking of the Windows Phone Marketplace DRM, which then would allow any purchased apps to be shared with anyone. It is only a proof of concept, but it shows that, yes, it can be done.

Mobile app DRM is deemed important for developers and also for companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft that run the app markets, because the intense competition between the various phone ecosystems means that, in order to lure developers to their platform, security and anti-piracy features are a big drawcard.

However, none of the ecosystems today remains unhacked, and piracy is relatively easy on all the major platforms, and despite this, sales are booming in the apps market. This is most likely due to the low price of apps, which makes them "non-decisions" for buyers, and the fact that buying apps, once the market payment options have been set up, is so so easy.

Still, the hacking of the Windows Phone 7 DRM, so soon after the OS's release, is bad news for Microsoft.

Discuss this article, and see a video of the proof of concept hack, in our forum:


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