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Wal-Mart Acquiring VUDU Movie Service

Posted by: , 12:37 AEDT, Tue February 23, 2010

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Walmart will be buying the online movie streaming service, Vudu, with the hopes that the second time at the video download market will be different

Walmart will be buying the online movie streaming service, Vudu with the hopes that the second time will be different.  In 2007 Wal-Mart first tried its hand in the video download market only to close it down in under a year.

"Combining Vudu's unique digital technology and service with Wal-Mart's retail expertise and scale will provide customers with unprecedented access to home entertainment options as they migrate to a digital environment."

Vudu has licensing deals with all of the big movie studios, but that’s of not that important to Wal-Mart, which has way more leverage with Hollywood than Apple, Netflix, or Amazon.

The studios need Wal-Mart’s physical reach much more than Wal-Mart needs to get into the digital movie business.


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