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Fox Files Lawsuit Against Redbox

Posted by: , 12:28 AEST, Fri August 7, 2009

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20th Century Fox has filed a lawsuit against Redbox asking them to wait at least 30 days before releasing post theatre movies

Redbox kiosks machines, which offers $1 per day DVD rentals, is starting to choke DVD sales.  So much in fact that 20th Century Fox has filed a lawsuit against Redbox demanding they wait at least 30 days after they are released from the theaters.

"But some studios are strongly opposed to the kiosks' $1 pricing, and the large volume of used discs they create, both of which they believe undercut new DVD sales."

As the movie studios are faced with more competition from various services (PPV, VOD, Piracy, etc.),I would think we could see several more of these lawsuits coming in the future.


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