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Do You Want to Backup Your DVDs

Posted by: , 12:05 AEST, Wed April 22, 2009

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Tired of replacing damaged DVDs or having to bring the disc with you everywhere you go, then DVD backup is the solution to your problems

Americans are overwhelmingly interested in the ability to copy or back up their DVDs to their computers and laptops.

A third of all DVD purchases are people who are having to repurchase lost or damaged DVDs, which means a huge profit for the movie companies (Hence the reason why they are so against it).

A survey was taken here recently by 1000 people and 90% agreed that DVD owners should be able to copy a DVD to their computer for playback or make a backup copy in case the original gets damaged.

For years, people have been able to freely copy and back up their CD collections to their hard drives and other devices, so why not DVDs?

The movie companies viewed this complaint as a money making opportunity by charging an extra fee for a "digital" version. 

Sixty-Nine percent of respondents -- and 74 percent of those with children -- reported that they (or members of their family) use a computer to watch DVDs.

Nearly a third of respondents (31 percent) use a portable or in-car DVD player regularly. For respondents with children in the household, portable DVD players are even more common, with 40 percent reporting regular use.

More than a third (38 percent) of respondents reported that they have had to repurchase at least one DVD because it was lost or damaged. For respondents with children in the household, this number increased to 45 percent.

 While the great majority of consumers (89 percent) are satisfied with the value they are getting out of the DVDs they purchase, many reported that the economy has changed their DVD buying habits:

More than half of respondents (55 percent) said that they are currently purchasing fewer DVDs than they did a year ago.

Four in ten (41 percent) said they expect to purchase fewer DVDs one year from now.

However, 41 percent said the ability to save a copy of their DVDs to their computer or laptop would make their DVD collections more valuable, and 40 percent said it might cause them to buy more DVDs.


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