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Potential PS3 Price Cut

Posted by: , 13:43 AEDT, Thu February 26, 2009
Tags: HD, PS3

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Once again a rumor floats around that the PS3 will get a price cut of $100 to entice new customers

Right now, its looks very likely that Sony will cut the price of the PS3 by April.  Sony has not confirmed this rumor as of yet but, it makes since why they won't.  Why buy one now when you know the price will go down shortly.

All in the same breath, Sony has to do something to turn the PS# campaign around.  I don't understand how a price cut would be beneficial cause Sony looses money on each PS3 sold for the price they are now.

I am not sure if they can afford to lose an additional $100 on top of what they are already losing.


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