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XBOX 360 Kills PS3 in September Sales Charts

Posted by: , 05:42 AEDT, Tue October 21, 2008
Tags: PS3, Xbox 360

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Sony is coming to realize that price does really matter to consumers as the XBOX 360 nearly laps the PS3 in the sales race

The PS3 may be your biggest bang for the buck with an included hard drive and internal Blu-ray player but, the majority of consumers evidentially aren't concerned with features so much as the bottom price.  After some recent price cuts on the XBOX 360 (making it the cheapest gaming console out), sales have taken off at a warp speed leaving the PS3 in the dust.

Microsoft may be celebrating to early as the crucial sales of the holiday shopping season have yet to start accumulating.  Although Microsoft has this to say about that:

"We feel confident that we'll outsell the PS3 this holiday season in North America and in Europe. We'll do it on a global scale."

We shall see...


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