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Toshiba Goes a Different Direction

Posted by: , 06:05 AEDT, Wed March 5, 2008

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Losing the high definition war against Blu-ray, Toshiba now goes after a different fish
Losing the high definition war against Blu-ray, Toshiba is now going after a different and potentially larger fish.

Welcome to the "Up-Conversion" market Toshiba! If you can replicate a near high definition picture, while still using a plain DVD, why on earth would anyone ever spend the money to upgrade?

Toshiba plans to rapidly produce standard "Up-Converting" DVD players that improve the picture to near HD quality and cost significantly less than BD players.

You can't really compare the introduction of DVD to the introduction of Blu-ray because of the competition they had. DVD was against VHS and DVD is now against Blu-ray. Granted, the quality of Blu-ray is better than DVD but, DVD over VHS was a massive quality difference!

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