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Pinnacle Studio Updates to Version 11.1

Posted by: , 06:47 AEST, Tue July 10, 2007

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Whether you need basic or advanced capabilities, Studio allows you to enhance your memories with fun effects in seconds and then effortlessly preserve and share them on DVD and more
Make timeless movies with ease. Whether you need basic or advanced capabilities, Studio allows you to enhance your memories with fun effects in seconds and then effortlessly preserve and share them on DVD and more.

The Pinnacle Studio version 11 family represents the most innovative consumer video editing software. It uniquely harnesses the power of the latest technologies from HD, Windows Vista, Hi-Fi Audio and Web Sharing for video enthusiasts seeking a full, yet accessible, solution - without compromising ease of use or a quality experience and all at an affordable price.

The official change log is as follows:

Pinnacle recommends installing the 11.1 Update for the Studio 11.0, Studio 11.0 Plus and Studio 11.0 Ultimate versions.

Note: you can also install the 11.1 Release patch if you previously installed a Sudio 11.1 BETA patch.

The Studio 11.1 update contains many enhancements for the edit performance with AVCHD material as well as offering NEW support for AVCHD Disc output. An AVCHD Disc is the AVCHD video format burned on standard DVD media which can be played in Blu-ray disc players.

Several other improvements and fixes are included as listed below:
  • Improved capture from Sony HC1 camcorders on Vista
  • Translation fixes added
  • Crashes after Studio has been closed are addressed
  • Improved stability when switching between File and Scene views in the Album
  • Standard titles are restored to the selection list in the Titles Album
  • Studio Ultimate: Dolby Digital 5.1 channel export set to free product activation


  • AVCHD memory usage better optimized when editing
  • Improve audio/video sync with AVCHD files
  • Improved memory performance when using Titler with AVCHD material
  • Improved background render performance with AVCHD
  • Scorefitter performance improved
  • M4A audio files now listed in audio Album


  • NEW - Output AVCHD files to standard DVD discs to play on Blu-ray players.
  • Improved export of large MPEG-2 projects to VideoTS folders
  • Improved reliability of menu rendering with mixed projects of both AVCHD and HDV material
  • AVCHD files exported to other formats now maintain correct aspect ratio
  • HDV projects can now be output to AVCHD disc
  • HD DVD output from AVCHD video no longer shows interlaced menu thumbnails
  • Improved HD DVD output reliability on Vista OS (including Vista 64bit)
  • HD DVD export to an ISO file now improved
  • Audio output improved from partially background-rendered projects
  • Improved recognition of DVD burners.
  • Note: Further open issues with recognition of burners or the burning process remain under investigation for a later fix
  • AVCHD export to a file path containing non-Latin characters is fixed

You may download this updated version here.


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