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Legal DVD Quality Downloads - Dream or Reality?

Posted by: , 11:24 AEST, Tue April 10, 2007

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If you could download DVDs legally for a small fee, would you? Read the entire article on Digital Digest's webmaster's blog
To be able to download a full DVD quality version of the latest Hollywood movie, and for it to be completely legal, for now seems like just a dream. Hollywood studios are always talking about how much money they are losing to illegal movie downloads, yet they offer no alternatives to the traditional optical media, or when they do, it’s DRM’d crap that’s nowhere near DVD quality (but as expensive, if not more so).

Is it really too hard for the studios to start allowing DRM free, legal DVD quality downloads, for a fee that that's within reason?


Read the rest of this article on The Perfect Pitch, the blog written by Digital Digest's own webmaster, Xiao Fang.


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