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Sony has a Epiphany

Posted by: , 07:32 AEDT, Tue February 27, 2007

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Sony is finally realizing that everyone is not made of money and has since decided to manufacture a cheaper Blu-Ray player for only $600 dollars rather than their previous $1000 dollar model
The BDP-S300 will have the exact same capabilities as its older brother the BDP-SP1 but, the BDP-S300 will cost 40% cheaper, at only $599. What a steal?? I think I'll hold off before spending my hard earned money on the next glorified beta-max.

Oh I forgot to mention this one important factor...The BDP-SP1 has the capability of playing CD's. That is something its older (more expensive) brother can't do.

I bet that just made you want to go out and buy one right now!



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