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Zune + Vista + WMP 11 = Dead End

Posted by: , 14:42 AEDT, Fri November 17, 2006

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Microsoft's new media player the Zune is not even compatible with Microsofts own Windows Vista or Windows Media Player 11
The overall impression and anticipation of Microsofts new media player "Zune" was actually looking good until they released it! Its nick named the "iPod Killer", which hardly comes close in my opinion.
Microsoft Zune Player

First off it won't even work with Microsofts own Window Vista! This error message will pop up when trying to install the Zune software on a PC running Windows Vista". Now thats sad! Second of all, it won't even work with Windows Media Player 11! Thats ever more sad! Third it won't even accept credit card information to purchase songs. Instead you have to buy these so called "Microsoft Points".

Total waste of money in my opinion, cause I guarantee you, you will end up with alot of extra points that you can do nothing with until you get some more. And yes, they do have a minimum amount of points you have to buy and each thing you buy is oddly priced in points so you will never break even!



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