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PS3 Auctions on eBay

Posted by: , 11:43 AEST, Wed October 18, 2006
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eBay has stopped all auctions for the PS3 unless certain criteria can be meet by the seller
Sony is hyping everyone up about its much anticipated PS3, even the mild gaming enthusiast (young kids) are dreaming of owning that shiny new game console. Rumors about the new game console are swiftly moving all over the internet! Everything from "Backwards Compatibility" to "Wireless Connectivity" has been either leaked out or fabricated.

Considering that there will be a very short supply of them to the consumers when in fact they are released. How much would you pay for a PS3 ? At least the games are suppose to be fairly cheap.

Well, a few people decided to profit from Sony's slow efforts on getting the PS3 distributed to everyone who wants one. What they are doing is, and its predominantly game store owners, snatching up 1 or 2 of the limited supply of pre ordered PS3 for themselves, then turning around and selling them on eBay for thousands of dollars. Because of the high demand vs available quantity the PS3 will have, they can do this. We know that situation all to well, cause the same thing happened to the Microsoft XBOX.

eBay does allow presale auctions but, it has stipulations that must be met before hand. The seller must guarantee that the item will be able to be shipped no later than 30 days from the date of purchase or date that auction ends.

So, if the PS3 isn't available until November 17Th, and it's only Oct. 10Th, you will be ok if your auction ends on November 17Th or later.

Credit: jmet


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