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PS3 Online Service Revealed

Posted by: , 12:06 AEST, Mon October 16, 2006
Tags: PS3

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Similar to the XBOX Live service which you have to pay for, Sony will be offering it for free for the PS3
It has long been known that Sony planned to release an online service similar to Microsoft's Xbox Live for their next-gen console, the PlayStation 3. However, the details of this service have remained extremely sketchy until now.

The PS3 will come with a built-in web browser similar to the on one the PSP. Unlike the Wii's optional Opera browser, it will be offered for free (Nintendo is giving away the Wii browser for a limited time only). The other free aspect is the service itself: unlike Xbox Live, there will be no charge to connect to the PS3's online network, use matchmaking services, use voice chat, or play multiplayer games (with the exception of MMORPGs and other games where additional charges may apply).More...

Credit: ars technica


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