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Can China Beat the Pirates

Posted by: , 10:02 AEST, Fri July 21, 2006

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They are taking a new approach on the war against piracy by shortening the time it takes for the movie to be released on DVD
Rampant physical piracy in China has forced some entertainment companies and musicians to -- gasp -- innovate and come up with new ideas to make money there. Last year, Warner came up with one idea to try and circumvent Chinese DVD pirates by releasing a movie on DVD there the same day it was released to theaters in the US.

Now, it's trying another strategy: compressing release windows so that one of its new films is out on DVD just 12 days after it's released to theaters, a similar tactic to what's been tried in some other piracy-rich countries. What's slightly amusing is that these companies only feel the need to actually change their business models in countries where physical piracy is a huge problem. More...

Credit: Tech Dirt


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