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Windows Media Player 11 VS Apple iTunes

Posted by: , 12:34 AEST, Sun May 28, 2006

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If Microsoft is ever going to seriously challenge Apple Computer's iTunes music empire, the time is now
With the addition of MTV's Urge, the jukebox's resident music service, WMP 11 certainly seems poised for battle.

It's not like Microsoft had trouble distributing any version of WMP; after all, the jukebox comes with any Windows system, and in fact, you can't get rid of it. The trouble was that the software was never particularly compelling, though it was pretty much essential for users of non-iPod MP3 players. With this beta launch, Microsoft has transformed its omnipresent media player from a state of default mediocrity into a powerful must-have application for music and media. More...

Credit: ZD Net


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