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TDK BD-R/BD-RE Ready To Ship

Posted by: , 17:11 AEST, Wed April 12, 2006

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TDK Corporation has begun shipping mass production samples of its bare, cartridge-free BD-R (write-once) and BD-RE (rewritable) Blu-ray Discs.
The four new products include the BD-R25 (single-sided, single-layer, 25GB) and BD-R50 (single-sided, dual-layer, 50GB) write-once type discs, as well as the BD-RE25 (single-sided, single-layer, 25GB) and BD-RE50 (single-sided, dual-layer, 50GB) rewritable discs.

Mass production for the retail market will begin at TDK’s Chikumagawa factory, which specializes in optical media, when final licensing is issued.

Driven by the continuously expanding data storage requirements of today’s digital society, as well as the rapid emergence of high-definition broadcasting, demand has grown for discs that achieve larger capacities and higher-speed recording than previous formats. The BD-R and BD-RE products introduced by TDK are bare, cartridge-free discs that rise to the challenge by delivering larger capacities and high speed recording without requiring a cumbersome cartridge to ensure reliability.

For the Blu-ray Disc, which utilizes ultra-high density recording to achieve its large capacities, scratches or dirt on the disc surface can cause data errors. To ensure reliable performance, the Blu-ray Disc was first introduced to the Japanese market in a protective cartridge. The BD-R and BD-RE Blu-ray Discs that TDK is now launching utilize DURABIS 2, the company’s exclusive hard coating technology. DURABIS 2 gives the recording surface extremely high resistance to scratches, fingerprint smudges and other dirt, thus eliminating the need for a protective cartridge. More...

Credit: TDK


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