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$600 - $700 for the PlayStation 3 ?

Posted by: , 16:11 AEST, Thu April 6, 2006
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The PS3 will sell for between €499 and €599 in Europe.
In a radio show with France's Europe 1, Fornay said that the PlayStation 3 will sell for between €499 and €599. Fornay acknowledged that the price may PS3 seem steep, but he emphasized that that price should be seen as inexpensive when one considers that the console will also play Blu-ray movies. Fornay also confirmed that Sony would be going for a simultaneous launch of the console in November of this year.

Strict currency translation suggests that American pricing may be in the range of US $605 to $726, but currency exchange alone can't tell the story. Case in point: the Xbox 360. In the United States, the Xbox 360 retails for $399, which is only €320 in exchange. Yet the Xbox 360 is priced at €399 throughout most of Europe. More...

Credit: ars technica


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