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First HD DVD Multi-Reader

Posted by: , 18:34 AEDT, Sun March 5, 2006

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The makes of NEC drives bring out the first HD DVD multi-reader
The NEC HD DVD Multireader HR-1100A is the first drive that is capable of reading the HD DVD format. HD DVD media are read at 2x speed. DVD-R and DVD+R can be read at up to 8x DVD speed, as well as rewritable and dual-layer DVDs.

NEC HR-1100A

NEC HR-1100A will be available in the market beginning in October. The drive will be shipped with playback software and couple of movies. It is able to play back HD DVDs, DVDs and CD discs, drives with writing capabilities are expected for January 2006 when also the first Bluray drives should hit the market. For playback a display adapter with HDCP or HDMI interface is needed, the VGA output will not work.

Credit: Bit Burners


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