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MPAA Talks to Movie Industry

Posted by: , 16:35 AEDT, Wed March 1, 2006

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MPAA tells movie industry they have come up with a idea to stop
Late last week, MPAA technology wonk Brad Hunt gave a short talk to a group of movie industry folks at the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat. His topic? Filling the so-called analog hole, which allows users to move content between devices in accord with fair use, but is also seen as a front for piracy in defiance of digital rights management (DRM) plans. Although Hunt's position at the podium could probably be described as preaching to the choir, his comments were surprisingly not well-received.

Hunt talked up current legislation that would attempt to close the analog hole by adding a signal to analog content which would prevent recording of that content by any devices aware of the signal. The legislation would also make it illegal to sell or create any devices which bypass that signal-awareness.


Credit: ars technica


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