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ATI DVD is bundled with many ATI graphics card and is not available as a retail product. ATI has used Ravisent's soft-Cinemaster DVD decoder as the core for this player, since this decoder has extensive support for ATI's iDCT DVD acceleration. This player hasn't been updated in a while, and so cannot be really compared to the latest range of software DVD players.

ATI DVD Player


Finally! A nice looking player ...

Using the cinemaster decoder, the ATI Player is probably the best looking player around. Unfortunately, this beauty is only skin deep.
The biggest problem with the ATI player is its sluggish nature. On anything less than a PII 400, this simple chokes, having to wait several second for a command to respond. Although this is not a big problem, as you don't have to use these commands during playback, this prevents this player from being classed as a five star one. Another niggly problem is the non-functioning "lock-aspect ratio" option. While this works perfectly in windowed mode, in full screen play, which is what most people use, it doesn't allow you to turn this option off. This isn't a big problem with widescreen discs, but with Anamorphic titles, which you might want to connect to your tv-out to watch on your 16x9 enhanced TV, this can be quite irratating. I've also noticed some strange crashes, but that may be just me. As against, the cinemaster decoder is top notch, meaning playback is fast, smooth and consistent. Sound quality and volume is extremely good, as with all players based around the cinemaster decoder. The ATI 3.1 is the best overall player!

Review Summary
Decoder : QI Cinemaster

Efficiency: Excellent

Quality : Very good

User Friendliness : Average

Acceleration Support : Good

: The fastest and nicest looking player around, although a little sluggish to use and cannot resize the movie. Looks and feels poor against recent competition, particularly against PowerDVD and WinDVD

System Requirements
Processor : PII-300 (without HWMC*)

Graphics card : 8MB PCI card (16MB AGP recommended)

Memory : 32 MB

Sound card : 44kHz PCI

DVD-ROM drive : 1x or better DVD-ROM drive

Operating system : Windows 9x

HWMC* - Hardware Motion Compensation - DVD acceleration

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