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Meedio (myHTPC)

A suite of home theatre PC software, for HTPC management, digital recording and home automation
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 1.40 (details)
OS Support: Windows 2000 Windows XP
License: Commercial
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Download: myHTPC R24   myHTPC R24

Description:Download myHTPC

Download: Official Download Site   Official Download Site

Description:Download a trial version of Meedio from the official site

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From the Official Site:
Meedio (formerly myHTPC) Pro is the complete bundle of Meedio Essentials and Meedio TV:
  • Meedio Essentials turns your existing PC into a powerful media center by letting you organize and access your digital media using a television and remote control. Meedio Essentials is completely customizable, with free access to over 200 plugins that provide additional features.
  • Meedio TV lets you watch, pause, rewind, and record live television using your existing PC. Use the integrated Electronic Program Guide to find your favorite shows, and Meedio's powerful media library to archive and organize your recordings.
  • Meedio HouseBot is a home automation server that allows you to monitor and control your lights, appliances, A/V equipment, and other devices using customizable graphic interfaces for PCs, touchscreens, TVs, and PDAs. Meedio HouseBot supports a growing list of popular wired and wireless devices.

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    OS Compatibility:

    Windows 2000/Windows XP

    Revision History:

    Version 1.40
    • Release Date: Apr 13, 2006
    • Fixed the erroneous No TV Tuner error message.
    • Fixed resume in video player.
    • Fixed top OSD in video player.
    • Added potential fix for volume OSD lock-ups. Not confirmed since we cannot reproduce.
    • Added user name and password properties to web server plug-in.
    • Added additional device IDs for NVidia DualTVMCE
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