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x264 Options: Input/Output

Show progress indicator:

Description: This option when enabled shows you how many frames have been encoded and how many frames are left. Best to leave it On if you don't want to sit there guessing how much is still left to do.
Command Line: --progress
(enables progress indicator)

Disable PSNR computation:

Description: This option disables noise reduction calculations. It is recommended that you leave this option On (to diable PSNR).
Command Line: --no-psnr
(disables PSNR computation)


Description: This sets the number of CPU threads to use in encoding. An Intel Pentium processor with HyperThreading counts as 2 threads. Dual Core processors are also 2 threads. Dual core processor with HyperThreading (eg. Intel Extreme Edition) will have 4 threads.
Command Line: --threads n
(where 'n' is the number of threads)

Output Type:

Description: Selectable within the x264 command line by the output filename. A file with extension .264 will equal the "RAW" setting.
Command Line: --output x
(where 'x' is the output filename with the extension being .264, .mp4 or .mkv to indicate output type)



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