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Welcome to the PowerDVD 12 review.

With PowerDVD now the dominant Blu-ray/multimedia player on the PC platform, and with this being (at least) the 12th iteration, it's getting to the point, if we haven't reached it already, where improvements either have to be revolutionary (ie. very different), or extremely subtle and incremental - there's just not a lot of areas that need obvious improvement.

With the 3D hype dying out, and Smart TVs and Blu-ray players now doing a lot of things that PowerDVD can do (without the need for a dedicated home theatre computer), the pressure is on for Cyberlink to delivery just the right amount of "new". Read on the find out if they've done it, or if this is one upgrade you might think about skipping.

You can read the archived review of PowerDVD 11 and almost all previous versions of PowerDVD all the way to version 2.5 in the article titled: PowerDVD Review Archive - visit this archived review page for a hit of nostalgia!



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