Page 1 of 3: Making a DVD from your Home Movies Using Nero Recode 2

This guide starts out assuming you have already ripped and transferred the video to your hard drive.

This guide I am taking several different home movies of mine and combing them to one DVD. When ripping, I created new folder called "Disc 1", "Disc 2", etc. I then used Nero Recode to export whatever title I wanted out of that folder into my compilation.

Lets start off by starting Nero Recode 2. Once is has started, go ahead and click "Remake a DVD" from the list (red). It should be the third option from the top. [Screen Shot Below]

That will bring up the DVD Compilation screen. From here just click the "Import Titles" button (blue), and then navigate to where you saved the files from your rip (purple). Go through each title if there are more than 1 to find the one you want (green). [Screen Shot Below]



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