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DVD Conversion Guide
Version 2.0 (14 February 2001)

Introduction DVD DIGEST
    As you probably know, DVDs are encoded in an MPEG-2 format and encased in a file called a VOB (Video Object) file. For those interested in backing up their DVDs, it is almost impossible to do a 1:1 copy due to the un-availability of writable DVDs and the small sizes of CDs (650MB vs 8000 MB for DVDs). Conversion, therefore, is needed if you plan to back up your DVDs to CDs.

    This guide briefly introduces some techniques to convert these very large VOB files to a format less space consuming, like VCDs, SVCDs and DivX, using the many software and techniques available.

    Note, this guide is fairly advanced and is purely optional for those who seek to explorer more into the world of digital video editing and conversion. And also, please respect the copyright laws in your country.



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