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Step 7A: TVersity: Playing the MP4 file on your Xbox 360

There are two main methods to getting the MP4 to play on your Xbox 360. The first is to use a USB drive/CD/DVD and play it from these media on your Xbox 360 - this is the easiest way to set up, since you all need to do is to copy the MP4 file to the USB/CD/DVD, and then insert it into your Xbox 360.

The other way is a bit harder to set up initially, but it will make it easier in the future to play your MP4 files, since you can play them directly from your computer. Basically it involves setting up a UPnP server on your computer and then telling the Xbox 360 to connect to it - the Xbox 360 will then be able to read all the media files on your computer and play them back.

There are a further two ways to set up a UPnP server on your system that this guide will cover - one is to use the free TVersity software, and the other is to use the Microsoft Zune software. The pros and cons of using either software is listed below:


  • Pro:
    • Supports all kinds of H.264 files
  • Con:
    • Installation may require knowledge of port forwarding, firewall configuration (open port)
  • Pro:
    • Installation is easier
  • Con:
    • Installation, while easy, takes a long time
    • Only supports Baseline and Main Profile H.264 files

If you have decided to use TVersity, continue on reading this page. If not, skip straight to Step 7B on the next page.

So you have decided to use TVersity. Excellent. At this point, I shall refer you to our TVersity Setup Guide, which features instructions on how to install and configure TVersity. When you have finished following the TVersity tutorial, come back and continue on with the instructions below.

Connecting to TVersity from the Xbox 360

We finally move to the Xbox 360. This tutorial assumes you've already setup the Xbox 360 for network and Internet connections.

Go to the "My Xbox" section, go to the "Video Library" (or Music, Photo Library) and press "A" to enter. This should take you to the "Select Source" screen, select the TVersity enabled PC that you want to connect to. If TVersity isn't listed here, then you may need to refer to the Troubleshooting section of the TVersity Setup Guide.

Xbox 360: Video Library

Xbox 360: Select Source

This should now connect to your TVersity share folder, so navigate around and find the video file you want to play, just like any other media file for the Xbox 360. Couldn't be any simpler, really.

Xbox 360: Select File

Xbox 360: Playback

TVersity also shared pictures and audio files, and you can browse for those as well if you added them into the TVersity sharing section. Audio and image playback should be much more compatible than video playback, so you shouldn't run into any problems there.

There's no need to read the next page as it deals with the alternate method of using Zune instead of TVersity. So we're done :)

Got more questions? Post them in our H.264 Conversion/Encoding Forum and get them answered by other expert users.



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