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Step 2: DVD/MPEG-2 Conversion

The instructions in this step are for conversion from a MPEG-2 source (eg. DVD, SVCD). If the file you want to convert to H.264 is not a DVD or MPEG-2 source (eg. AVI/DivX/XviD/MOV), you can skip to "Step 3" right now.

If you are using a commercial DVD, you will need to rip the DVD to your hard-drive. Because ripping a commercial DVD may be illegal in your country, we won't cover these steps here.

For more information on all the settings of MeGUI, please refer to the MeWiki website.

The next thing we need to do is to use MeGUI's D2V creation tool to create a D2V file needed for MeGUI/AviSynth to handle MPEG-2 files. This step is required only for MPEG-2 files - all other types of inputs do not require a D2V file and can be loaded straight into AviSynth and as mentioned before, you can skip this step and go to the next page/step (Step 3: AviSynth Script Creator).

Start MeGUI. I like to first clear the job queues of previously finished jobs. This is optional, but it might help to make things clearer. To do this, click on the "Queue" tab and then click on the "Clear" button.

From the "Tools" menu, select "File Indexer". In the "Input File" section, load the first VOB file of the movie titleset (the rest of the files in the set will be loaded automatically - if not). You will get an error message about not being able to find DVD Decrypter generated info files, this is fine (as we did not use DVD Decrypter's IFO mode) and press "OK" to skip this error.

MeGUI: D2V Creator

Select which audio track(s) to demux - you can select more than one track if you want the encoded file to have multiple audio tracks. Alternatively, you can just select the demux all the tracks and then choose the correct audio track(s) later on.

The default save directory is the same directory as your loaded DVD VOB files - change this if you want to. Select both the "On completion load files", "and close" checkboxes and press the "Queue" button. You are now returned to MeGUI - click on the "Queue" tab and press the "Start" button to start the D2V creation. When processing has finished, the status of the queued job will read "Done" and the created D2V file will be loaded into the AviSynth Script Creator ready for the next step. This can take a while, so please be patient - the status window's progress bar may not move, but don't worry, DGIndex is working.

Please note that if for some reason MeGUI refuses to process the VOB series (only processes the first file in the series), then you may have to use DGIndex manually to create the D2V file. This guide can help you do so, and DGIndex is already included as part of MeGUI under the "Tools" folder (for example: C:\Program Files\MeGUI\Tools\DGIndex\).



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