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The Apple TV tries to bring multimedia to the TV screen. Apple TV does not support all the video formats unfortunately (including DivX/XviD), but it does support H.264 (including HD) video playback (as well as MPEG-4 SP). This guide shows you how to convert your video files to an Apple TV compatible video file using the freeware Videora Apple TV Converter.

A version of this guide dealing with the very similar Videora iPhone Converter is available here.

Software you'll need (all freeware):

This guide is divided into two section, you only need to follow one of the sections, not both. The first section shows you the easiest way to use Videora Apple TV Converter, using the built in VideoWizard tool, making conversion an almost one-click affair.

The second section goes into more detail and is intended for those that want to tweak the settings a bit, want to find out how to use the batch conversion/queuing feature.

Time to choose:

For the easy VideoWizard method, go on to the next page

For the slightly more complex but a method with more options and functions, skip to page 3



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