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Click on the "Devices" tab and select "Apple TV" under "Device Settings". Here, the output location of your converted Apple TV video files will be listed - you should make a note of this directory, or change it to another directory. Press the "Save Device Settings" button to save these changes. If you do decide to change it, make sure that the directories exist, otherwise Videora will fail when you try to convert the video.

Videora Apple TV Converter: Devices Settings

Click on the "Convert" button at the top.

Videora Apple TV Converter: Convert

Click on the "Current Conversion" tab. Click on the "Convert Video" button and load in your original video file (the one that you want to convert to Apple TV format).

Videora Apple TV Converter: Convert Video

You can change the title of the video, and select an encoding profile to use (for more on profiles, see the previous page).

Videora Apple TV Converter: New Video to Convert

Click on the "Start" button just underneath the above ("New Video to Convert") section to start the encoding. On the left hand side, you can change the priority of the encoding process, depending on if you have other software running or not. While your video is encoding, you can click on the "Convert Video" button again to load in other video you wish to convert, select a title/profile as above, and then click "Start" to add the video to the encoding queue. You can click on the "Shutdown when complete" to shutdown Windows when all the processes complete.

Videora Apple TV Converter: Encoding queue

If you want to playback these H.264/MP4 files on your computer, you can refer to our H.264 Playback Guide, or if you don't mind using a codec pack, use these simple instruction instead.

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