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TMPGEnc DVD Author (TDA) has just been upgraded to version 3 - new in this version is DivX Authoring. With DivX Authoring, you can create .divx files that not only uses the more advanced and more efficient (compared to DVD/MPEG-2) DivX compression, you also get all the same benefits of DVDs, such as menus, multiple audio/subtitles and chapters, all in the one .divx file. There are even some standalone DVD players, like the Pioneer DV-696-AV, that are DivX Ultra certified and supports all these advanced features (complete list of DivX Ultra certified devices here). also releases a software called DivX Author, which is basically TDA without the DVD authoring part - so this guide can be used on both TDA and DivX Author (but I'll mainly refer to TDA).

If you are interested in making/authoring DVDs, instead of DivX files, using TMPGEnc DVD Author, please refer to our TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 DVD Authoring Guide.

This guide is aimed at users who are fairly new to DivX authoring, but is already fairly comfortable with things like video conversion and editing.

Software you'll need:



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