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DVD-lab Pro is well know for being a professional level DVD authoring tool that is accessible to the general public due to a lower price as well as an easier to grasp user interface. It is a powerful DVD authoring tool that has the flexibility to create almost any kind of DVD, and this is the kind of flexibility not found in your average DVD authoring tools such as Nero Vision or TMPGEnc DVD author which are aimed at non professional users. Of course, the flexibility also means increased complexity, and some of the niceties of beginner oriented DVD authoring such as automatic conversion and encoding, are not present.

This guide is therefore aimed at intermediate or advanced users, although this version of the guide will only cover what is considered the basics of DVD authoring. And even then, it would be almost impossible to cover every function available in DVD-lab Pro, especially when it comes to menu creation. I will go through a walkthrough style concrete example of creating a menu though, which hopefully will cover at least the most common functions. If you've never burned a DVD in your life, then this guide is probably not for you (try one of the other guides listed in our DVD Authoring Tools Roundup instead).

Additional functions and complex topics such as multi VTS authoring, multi-angle authoring, are not covered specifically, and an advanced version of this guide will cover these topics instead.

The companion article to this guide is the AVI to a DVD Compliant MPEG-2 File Using QuEnc guide, which tells you how to get an AVI (or other types of video files) to a DVD compliant MPEG-2 file, necessary for this guide.

If you want alternatives to DVD-lab Pro, perhaps something easier to use, please read our DVD Authoring Tools Roundup to find out which DVD authoring tool is best for your needs.

Software you'll need (all freeware):



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