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This guide will show you how to convert your AVI/DivX/XviD files to WMV format, which an emphasis on Xbox 360 compatibility. AVI to WMV conversion for the Xbox 360 was popular due to the 360's inability to decode DivX/XviD files. But all that changed with the 2007 Fall Update, where DivX and XviD decoding was added to the 360, and you can now easily share your AVI files with the 360 without much fuss (follow our Xbox 360 DivX/XviD playback guide to find out how). So while this guide is no longer that useful for Xbox 360 playback of AVI files, it still goes through the basics of AVI to WMV conversion for those that need it, and still keep the 360 compatibility instructions just in case.

Software you'll need (all freeware):

Hardware you'll need:

  • Optional: Xbox 360



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