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LCD TV with 16 Speaker Surround Sound

Posted by: , 00:09 AEST, Wed July 2, 2008

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Mitsubishi announced their new LCD TV with a 16 speaker surround sound system built in to it

Mitsubishi’s new 120 Hz LT-series has a 16 speaker surround sound speaker system built into the front of the panel.

Mitsubishi LCD TV with iSP

Mitsubishi claims that the 16 speaker system also called "iSP" (Integrated Sound Projector) “creates a new immersive audio experience with innovative sound technology that exceeds what is currently being offered on the market.”

Mitsubishi will begin selling the 46" (model LT-46149) and the 52" (LT-52149) in July for $3299 and $3699.


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