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Second Chance

Posted by: , 05:20 AEST, Sat October 28, 2006

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Thats right people, you will have another chance to pre-order a Nintendo Wii and possibly the much anticipated PS3
Toys R' Us is giving you the opportunity to pre-oder a Nintendo Wii and rumors have it you can also pre-order a Playstation 3. Pre-orders for the Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii start at Toys R' Us on 10/29/2006. Get ready to wake up early just to pre-order again like at Gamestop and EB. This may be the last chance to get a pre-order for the new PS3. As with the previous pre-order, you will need a put down a $50 deposit. Wii Pre-order Ad

In Australia some gaming stores are giving away a free game with each pre-order. It is not sure if that promotion will extend to the United States or not. Details of the pre-order are contained in Toys R' Us "Big Toy Book", which is mailing to select customers now and will be available in-store soon.

The pre-sale is in-store only and bundles will NOT be required. Toys R' Us managers are being told to take as many pre-orders as they can for a week or two after Oct. 29 .



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