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NEW in WinDVD 2000 v2.2

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- Finally, ATI Rage128 IDCT/HWMC DVD acceleration has been added to a product that is not based on the Cinemaster decoder. The people at Ravisent are probably not going to be very happy at this, but this has finally meant that ATI Rage 128 owners finally have some choice in terms of which DVD player they can use to have full acceleration.


- Speaking of graphics adapter support, Intervideo has now tweaked it's NVIDIA support somewhat. First of all, there is now support for NV15, or better known as the GeForce2 GTS. Also added is multi-monitor support for the NV10, otherwise known as the GeForce256. WinDVD is fastly turning into a "NVIDIA enhanced" player, much like how Cinemaster is a "Cinemaster enhanced" player.


- There are quite a few important bug fixes, which has been addressed in this release :

	* The infamous The Matrix "white rabbit" pausing problem has now been fixed.
	* Pink line at bottom of display with NVIDIA chipset at 256 color - this has been fixed. 
	* Disabled registration of the MPEG-1 video support - in other words, stop WinDVD 
	screwing up your MPEG playback (eg. with Windows Media Player)


- Not really related to WinDVD 2000 2.2, but Intervideo has released a few skins (at least on their Taiwanese site), below is the "WinDVD Pro" skin - follow the link below to download some more skins.
WinDVD Pro skin
WinDVD Pro skin - download more here



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