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Note : This is an archived review for an older version of WinDVD. For the latest review, please refer to this page.

New in WinDVD 6.0

Click here to read the official WinDVD 6.0's What's New page.

This page tries to list all the significant new features of WinDVD 6.0 (as compared to WinDVD 5.0) - if you want to see a complete review of the latest version of WinDVD, please refer to this page.

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New Product Versions

WinDVD 6.0 is again available in two main versions : Gold and Platinum. Gold is the "cut-down" version of Platinum, and the features that are unique to the Platinum version are :
  • WMV-HD Playback (New)
  • DVD-Audio Support
  • CPRM Support
  • TrimensionDNM (New)
  • MPEG-4/DivX Playback (New)
  • High Definition Audio Support (New)
  • DTS/SRS/Dolby EX/DRC/96-24 Support
More explanation for some of the above features later on.

There is now only one add-on pack, for Interactual content support. All the previous add-on packs have been integrated into the two versions (most likely the Platinum version).

New Video Features

The most touted new feature of WinDVD (Platinum) is Trimension™ DNM (Digital Natural Motion). This new feature aims to improve clarity in high motion scenes. It can only be selected when hardware acceleration is turned off.

WinDVD 6.0's Trimension™ DNM

WinDVD 6.0's Trimension™ DNM

Also new is the built-in support for high definition video playback - WinDVD will now playback WMV-HD files. WMV-HD is Microsoft's own high definition video format, and some DVDs already carry WMV-HD versions (eg. Terminator 2: Extreme Edition). Microsoft also provides a few sample clips that you can download and test out for yourself (you will need a fast CPU to playback these clips).

WinDVD 6.0's WMV-HD Support

MPEG-4/DivX support is not built-in, meaning you no longer need to download a separate codec in order to playback these types of files.

Smooth reverse playback has also been introduced, meaning that rewinds will playback without frame skipping just like forwards.

Rounding out the new video features is animated GIF capture, or what Intervideo calls Quick Clips. This new feature allows you to capture a small low resolution motion clip of a DVD in animated GIF format, suitable for transfer through emails or on mobile/cellular phones.

WinDVD 6.0's Quick Clip

New Audio Features

WinDVD Platinum now comes with DVD-Audio playback built-in, as opposed to a separate add-on pack with the previous version. In addition, Intel's High-Definition Audio format is also now supported.

New Interface Features

A new skin, based on the default one in the previous version, has been included. Most of the changes are cosmetic only.

OS Support

The previous version of WinDVD, WinDVD Platinum, only supports Windows 2000 and XP. The new WinDVD 6.0 has been released for all versions of Windows, including Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 and XP.



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