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NEW in 2.5.5 Build 0202

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This release is really just a service release, not really adding anything new, but does fix a few significant bugs. The changes are :

* For original GeForce 256 Hardware Motion Compensation support under Win9x,
  it requires 32MB of video Ram. However, it is now working for GeForce 256-based
  cards with 16MB video RAM only.

* Features like Hardware Motion Compensation, Dolby Digital/DTS S/PDIF pass-thru
  and multi-channel Dolby Digital output are driver dependent and are now supported
  only under Win9x by most audio and video chip vendors. Those features are 
  not supported under Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 in current stage.

* An user prompt is added for recommending installing bus master IDE driver under
  Windows NT 4.0 environment during setup time.

* Fix a problem that on SiS630 systems with video driver V1.01b or later installed,
  Macrovision function can not work properly.



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