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Note : This is an archived review for an older version of PowerDVD. For the latest review, please refer to this page.

NEW in 2.5.5 Build 0113

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To see a complete review of the latest version of PowerDVD, please refer to this page.

This release seems to the best yet, with many concerns raised over previous versions have been examined and corrected. The first noticeable change is the addtion of the rewind button - which comes in variable speeds just like the fast forward button, although it's not as smooth as the fast forward action.
New rewind button

Second, there are now some additional options under the "size" menu. You can now playback widescreen titles as full-screen (without the need for DVD Genie). 3 options, 2.35:1, 1.85:1 and 1.66:1 are included (see picture below), this feature is unique to the PowerDVD player.

New resize options

The other changes/additions are not so obvious. The most useful, however, has to be the Windows NT 4.0 (service pack 3 needed - see the what's new document for more information) and Windows 2000 support - finally outdoing WinDVD in this area.

The next new feature is the inclusion of DTS pass-thru for a wide range of sound cards (including the SB-Live range and some Aureal cards - see the what's new document for more information)

The last of the major new features is the support for Motion Compensation for the GeForce 256 (and also DDR) card and the Neomagic MagicMedia 256AV chip.

There are also a range of bug fixes, which you can read more in the what's new document provided with PowerDVD 2.5.5.



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