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DVDPlanner has been designed to be an advanced DVD Authoring package. It operates on a simple drag & drop of the tracks onto the PGC or Program
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Ease of use: Not Rated
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OS Support: Windows 2000 Windows XP
License: Donationware, 29.95
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Track/Segment Creator
Track/Segment Creator
DVD Layout
DVD Layout


DVDPlanner has been designed to be an advanced DVD Authoring package. It operates on a simple drag & drop of the tracks onto the PGC or Program created in the database.

Main Features:
  • Upto 8 Audio Channels (2 in Basic version)
  • AC3 (Dolby Digital) upto 5.1
  • DTS (768 and 1536Kbps) upto 5.1 (Pro version only)
  • Linear PCM (in a WAV container)
  • Upto 32 substreams (4 in basic version)
  • Script support - DVDPlanner supports its' own proprietary .dpp format and Scenarist .scp files
  • Upto 32 substreams can be used. Imported as individual subpictures via script or as .sst file (4 in basic version)
  • Viewing of subpictures and auto-resize. Any size and bit-depth. Reposition subpicture from within the GUI
  • Menu and BOV highlight information
  • Stills and slideshows
  • Chapter support inc slideshow chapters
  • Multi-file video and audio files
  • Ability to specify the Audio and Subpicture stream IDs to be used in the VOB files - and also the mapping of each ID to track in the PGC
  • Upto 99 VTS
  • Multiple menu languages
  • VMI command generator built into the GUI - for pre/post/cell commands - upto 128 per PGC (24 in BASIC)
  • Upto 32767 tracks (4 in BASIC)
  • UOP control at the Cell and PGC level (plus UOP0 and UOP1 at the Title level)
  • Wizard feature that includes automatic menu generation
  • Trackviewer
  • Menu generator from within the track viewer for creating proper menus
  • Built in I frame encoder for converting bitmap files


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AC3, DTS, MPG
Output Files: DVD, IFO/BUP

OS Compatibility:

Windows 2000/Windows XP

License Details:

A Pro version is available by donation. The Basic version is freeware

Revision History:

  • Release Date: Nov 21, 2006
  • Fix: Single frame mpv files would go into a forever loop when added to a segment, and an error would occur in the trackviewer.
  • Fix: If file indexing had been previously run, it wasn't being correctly loaded when the file was selected at a later time
  • Fix: Better handling for seamless flags. Everytime a cell is added/removed all flags are verified to confirm seamless ability
  • Fix: The last slide did not have a chapter point set when assigning chapters
  • Fix: Chapters for slides were generally not being calculated correctly
  • Fix: ExtendAudioSlide flag was not being saved to a dpp file
  • Fix: PCM buffer handling was incorrect (the 7 header bytes of each pack were not being accounted for in the buffer)
  • Fix: Only AC3 streams with BitstreamID of 6 or 8 were allowed, it should have been any ID <=8. This was the cause of some corrupted VOBs
  • Fix: When a script file was loaded, adding a new audio stream would have resulted in a crash
  • Add: Added the ability to have seamless joints between vobids (PRO build only)
  • Add: The region codes can now be set
  • Add: Auto Chapter creation can now be set, along with the chapter lengths, or in a slideshow, a new chapter at each slide
  • Add: ExtendFinalSubtitle flag is now available. This will force the final subtitle & highlight to the CELL_END.
  • Change: Removed the options menu and replaced with a new settings tab
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