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Merge your AviSynth video editing, script authoring and encoding tools into a single interface to speed up and enhance your video project.
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: beta (details)
OS Support: Windows 2000 Windows XP
License: Freeware
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Description:Download avsFilmCutter (beta version)
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Video Editor
Video Editor
Script Preview
Script Preview
Script Editor
Script Editor


Merge your AviSynth video editing, script authoring and encoding tools into a single interface to speed up and enhance your video project.

  • Script editor
  • Video Editor
  • Internal viewer / player
  • Launch your external programs
  • Launch encoder application directly from FilmCutter


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AVS
Output Files: AVS

OS Compatibility:

Windows 2000/Windows XP

Revision History:

Version beta
  • Release Date: Jul 28, 2007
  • New:
    • For the video editor, two new items in the row button menu, Jump to Start Frame and Jump to End Frame. Another great idea from a user, thanks towtruck, aka Andy
    • Clip preview / edit dialog allows you to trim or extend the clips frames in a seperate pop up window, more from Andy.
    • In the main window menu you will find "Compression dialog" this will show the same video and audio codexs installed on your computer. The ability to save an *.avi should come soon.
    • avsFilmCutter released under an OpenSource license.
    • Huge bug in my method of reducing memory leaks when using AviSynth API. Some users would experience sudden program termination when switching to a viewer. Fizick, IanB
    • Script syntax or AviSynth error should prevent loading the video display. Error text displayed in Test box, last error retained see AviSynth Options | Display AviSynth Version
    • Loading Script with an error directly using media viewer terminated FilmCutter after reporting error.
    • When using the function lookup in AviSynth documentation feature with the path to the documentation incorrect, the SafeString update and pointer audits broke this. Only a new user or new installations would ever see this. If you did see it you had trouble. List of outcomes is very long.
    • Found the cause of encoder dialog window title haveing the encoder path almost off the page.
    • FilmCutter has had a string white space stripping ghost for sometime. Exercised one in the function parameter parser in mydlg.h
    • Encoding interface code had a few unintentional message boxes, sorry.
    • For those that edit using projects, if you had occasion to use the tabs on the editor they should work ASAP instead of waiting for the mouse to move.
    • Alpha video window poped a message box when closed
    • An illegal resourse assignment has been fixed 98 & ME and nt4 users, sorry I didn't know, rejoyce.(IanB)
    • Another issue with dynamic memory allocation resolved in the video interface.(IanB)
    • FilmCutter would choke on a corrupted ini file and loop endlessly.
    • Dialog bug in alpha 1 options dialog help button opens lots of help windows. Wow!
    • Ever wonder what your screen saver keeps coming back. You turn it off, it comes back. Oops, FilmCutter can disable screen saver and power saver settins but always restores them. If now checks the states and preserves your system settings.
    • Play was activate-able without a loaded video.
    • Script writing options dialog proc had some window errors.
    • Video scene editors time display could become inaccurate. Or sink the ship.
    • Found another divide by zero (they still crash). Syntax error could cause framerate to be zero. Total time amd scene time function go poof.
    • More pointers to buffers corralled up so the memory associated can be reused or Released.
    • Moved many local variable definition statements out of conditional branches in WinMain with much care taken to make sure that memory allocated is reused not recreated.
    • FilmCutter would warn the user about needing SciLexer.dll and then go on to crash. FilmCutter now warns the user then terminate gracefully.
    • If the video viewer was in play mode when the user exited FilmCutter the system values for the following items remained false. Oops! SETSCREENSAVEACTIVE SETPOWEROFFACTIVE FilmCutter how issues a play stop command before exit, which changes the values to true.
    • If you change the file filtering in the file saves / open dialogs FilmCutter remembers your last file type, i.e. *.txt, *.avs. Believe it or not that is not automatic.
    • While bug hunting the parameter help dialog I added code to prevent parameter strings from exceeding 260 characters (max path length).
    • Some very old code died today, the checkstate of a hidden button is kind of unreliable. Because, you can not check it till it changes and windows will change it when it wants to. () Changed the way preview with script editor updates. If, when the user press F4 or clicks the update button, an error occurs the error (likely syntax) will display and the update will not be done. Current frame and state shall remain. () Small changes to the source / project switching. Scene list remains active but the row buttons become disabled when project radio button is selected.
    • Finally remembered to put the max and restore things on the main menu list so you can maximize the window while using the video scene editor without having to be all tricky back though the script editor menu.
    • Rearranged the scene editor view / mode. Added a scene preview button, added the third window to "mutli-frame editor". Big rewrite to the video veiw code, also changed trackbar style to move frame# tool-tip to above frame slider.
    • Changed the way the source / project radio buttons work. FilmCutter will prompt you if it needs the project data saved.
    • The AviSynth interface has been completely rewritten. Along with his help to resolve a nasty crash issue I introduced, Ian Brabham's generous code contribution to FilmCutter gives it vastly improved error handling capabilities. Ian added three Safe AviSynth functions that simplify and standardize error trapping and reporting. See "AviSynth Error Reporting" in the user's guide.
    • The "filmcutter.ini" file write routine has been completly rewritten. A little faster I hope, much simpler.
    • Added the code needed for the save wave function to be able to read wave format WaveFormatExtensible when the format is used in AviSynth.
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