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This is the version history page for Muxman Pro, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 1.4.4
  • Release Date: Feb 20, 2013
  • Fixed:Incorrect endpoints for single lines in GDI renderer
  • Under certain conditions elements with 180 degree frame rotation would not be rotated minus sign as first character in a line not being recognized as numeric data
  • Crash when entering editor with empty composite.
  • Crash when pasting 2 or more elements.
  • New memory manager replaces malloc, which can and does crash.
Version 1.4.2
  • Release Date: Jan 4, 2012
  • Fixed:unable to handle images with aspect ratios exceeding 3:1
  • Some images were blended upside down due to an optimization error
Version 1.4.1
  • Release Date: Jun 4, 2011
  • Fixed:rejecting riff wave files with junk chunk before fmt chunk.
  • various GUI issues.
  • Improved:new method of key extraction for filters uses less CPU.
  • More efficient management of GUI controls.
Version 1.4.0
  • Release Date: Nov 16, 2010
  • Fixed:Standard filters not processing alpha channel correctly
  • Erratic behaviour when changing motion object shapes, incorrect morphing.
  • DrawLines could hang under certain conditions.
  • Improper centering of squares and rectangles with curved edges.
  • Crash when line thickness is too large.
  • Inconsistant line thickness in splines and polys depending on canvas size and aspect
  • Transition Assistant creating incorrect timing of reverse transitions with new incoming image
  • Crashing while copying composite to tote caused by Transition Assistant omiting owner field
  • Drawing curved lines not stopping at correct point.
  • Dialog boxes were not destroying bitmap resource instances
  • Fine lines appear ragged due to fill not reaching edges.
  • Improved:Now able to use the full spec video buffer, resulting in higher quality encodes of still images and fewer buffer underflows of externally encoded video.
  • New algorithm for computing mux delay permits higher average bitrate muxes, still images can now be muxed with high bitrate audio.
  • Added:Now able to export image elements from any source
  • Alpha channel processor (keyer) version 1
  • 88 additional wipe patterns (diagonal, iris, and clock) for a total of 132 forward transitions.
  • Curvature of lines may now be relative to line length in addition to absolute.
Version 1.3.1
  • Release Date: Jun 22, 2010
  • fixed:
    • SubPicture Import relational operator dropdowns not opening, introduced by 1.2.2 fine alignment
    • Crop and zoom not working correctly.
    • First avi file to be opened could fail.
    • Render a still to avi had invalid framerate.
    • Crash if dst_bend or crop set to extreme value such as 8192.
    • Crash if size_to_matte or size_to_crop from 0 size.
    • Right click menu items acting on wrong element.
    • Interaction between start, duration, and end times in render_to_avi dialog.
    • Buffer underrun from internal encoder reported by putto72
    • LinkPGCN was using absolute PGCn within domain when it should be relative to and restricted to the title / LU
    • LPCM noise following a file ending with a short block.
    • Arc, Pie, and Chord radials going wild due to truncation.
  • changed:
    • Compositor can accept mpeg files of any resolution and framerate (DVD compliant restriction removed)
    • Crop values greater than 8192 will flip horizontally, less than -8192 will flip vertically
  • added:
    • CLI JACKET_P encoding
    • PES files can now be used as source (JACKET_P files are PES files)
    • Compositing: IDs, Z-axis changes, transitions
    • Top View button to view composite as it will be rendered (automatically set by transition assistant)
Version 1.3.0
  • Release Date: Mar 24, 2010
  • fixed:
    • not releasing VFW and cache assets when deleting an element.
    • multiple crashes for transitions less than 1 second.
    • crashes caused by overflow calculating transition size ratios of rectangles and gradients.
    • restoration of screen image and frame number after exporting to bmp or avi.
    • garbage to left and above rotated images that are cropped or zoomed.
    • incorrect symmetry when rotating squeezed images.
    • alternate fill button and line thickness spinner not enabling/disabling properly.
    • non-opaque source pixels given too much weight in resizing.
    • entering data into opacity, hue, saturation, brightness, or contrast could cause controls to not erase when switching tabs.
    • crash caused by attempting to paste base layer. It is no longer possible to copy it to tote.
  • changed:
    • undoing premultiplied RGB now performed before intensity linearization.
    • "Save as" (m2v, bmp, avi) now labeled "Render to".
  • added:
    • generated shapes are now anti-aliased, gamma corrected, and blended with HiRes giving them smoother edges and the ability to be rotated and alpha blended.
    • render to bmp files with alpha (ARGB32).
    • export elements to bmp with or without alpha (RGB24, ARGB32).
    • Renderers used during editing for images, objects, and the active element can now be changed from pulldown menu.
    • The "straight" lines of all shapes can now be curved. This gives a second method of drawing an arc, and allows for new shapes such as crescents and fluted circles.
    • Pen-Lift allows drawing polygons with skipped vertices such that the drawing becomes several overlapped polygons of fewer sides (example 6 sides skipping 1 produces 2 triangles) to be drawn as one figure, thus changing the fill pattern to recognize the central region(s).
    • The new drawing engine can use multiple brushes for filling interior regions of polygons.
    Version 1.2.4
    • Release Date: Dec 16, 2009
    • fixed:
      • crash when flipping vertically or horizontally in transition
      • HiRes crash (segment overrun)
      • erratic behaviour in compositor (changes applied to wrong object)
      • time computations affecting avi run_length, number of frames to render, transition durations
      • cut/copy/paste from sub-menu (right click) not working
      • unable to set YUV or HSB color space for gradient
      • unable to set element duration to composite duration, was 1 frame short
      • crash trying to use avi without correct codec installed
      • crash trying to open riff/avi file with no video stream or bad format.
    • Added:
      • HiRes:
        • rotation, with transition capability (spins)
        • ability to process bottom-up images (eg avi)
        • ability to handle 32 bit source file (and the alpha data from bmp and tga files)
        • ability to process transfer functions sRGB, SMPTE 170M, SMPTE 240M, and gamma
        • opacity (alpha) with transition capability (fades)
        • basic color processor for adjusting hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast.
    Version 1.2.3
    • Release Date: Oct 7, 2009
    • added:HiRes resizing. This is the first step only, not fully implimented.
    • fixed:movement of still images accidentally disabled except for image being edited not able to set source and dest rectangles at end of image transitions
    • image transitions longer than about 18 seconds not working correctly.
    • unable to set timing on images files added to composite.
    Version 1.2.2
    • Release Date: May 15, 2009
    • fixed:
      • compositor:
        • unable to grab images larger than screen and flipped
        • compositor resolution not matching stream established, always using preferred
      • hli editor:
        • SubPicture display area not matching established resolution, always using prefered
        • "subs present and in track mode" warning not on unless hli exist
        • selected button not different appearance
        • not able to set links to self
        • update diamond when link added
        • exit saving settings is not saving hli
        • exit saving settings is corrupting sub values?
        • show opacity value of colors (like gradient)
        • hli endtime incorrect
        • setting FA or FS on swapped buttons sets wrong button
        • incorrect display modes enabled for 16:9 composite
        • incorrect end frame number shown for non-stop subs
        • unable to view subs between I frames
        • incorrect sub shown if non-stop followed by stop in the empty time period.
        • could step beyond end of segment
        • effects cannot be set in non-stop subs
        • deleting hli does not remove all references (PGC menu commands)
      • sub adjust:
        • crash when releasing mouse button out-of-bounds.
        • PAL subpictures misaligned
        • PAL display area truncated (SubPicture display area not matching established resolution, always using prefered)
        • fine alignment adjustment is difficult
      • general:
        • no ability to create FP (changed to FP always exists, no commands added unless default nav is created)
        • when adding sub stream 2 or higher stream pointer changes to stream 1 by mfm
    • added:
      • converted hli editor seek time entry to new control
    Version 1.2.1
    • Release Date: Apr 2, 2009
    • fixed:
      • simple ratios of object shapes results in too few changes and jerky look
      • Pie, Chord, and Arc radials not moving correctly in transitions
      • Create Transition for Text was setting wrong values
      • Helper thread (Survey) getting lost at times and not terminating
      • Crash when displaying auto-resized images
      • AC3 files encoded for Dolby Surround setting start time to 00:01:08:08 (NTSC)
        This problem first appeared in version 1.1.4
      • Wrong color index for many windows
    • changed:
      • minimum transition duration to 1 frame instead of 100ms
    • Added:
      • delete transition button
      • right click on TimeCode control displays all values and allows changing view
    Version 1.2.0
    • Release Date: Mar 23, 2009
    • Added:
      • Restructured database allowing video and subpictures to be composites.
      • Reworked user interface adding more graphical control.
      • Replaced pixel based coordinate system with the virtual system already in use by objects
      • AVI as composite source and output, menus with motion video are now possible.
      • Ability to animate objects varying any and all parameters through time.
      • New TimeCode control and second pane of controls for temporal input.
      • HSB color space now available in gradients (more to come)
      • High precision color mixing in gradients (also to be extended to images later)
    • Fixed:
      • creating a composite when there are more than 100 highlights causes strange things
      • unable to pan or tilt zoomed images over full range
      • misaligned subpictures in button simulation
      • auto-repeat buttons not working in XP
      • objects could be moved or resized incorrectly if mouse button pressed outside view window then released inside window
      • mouse was not captured on dragging causing incorrect state if dragged outside view window then released.
      • Main window not disabled while compositor running, causing crash if FILE->NEW clicked.
      • tote-bag paste crash
    Version 1.1.5
    • Release Date: Dec 18, 2008
    • Fixed:
      • crash when setting button command (highlight editor)
      • crash when exiting command editor (highlight editor)
      • (both crashes caused by database reallocating during editing)
      • spreadsheet unable to handle more than 90 PGC references to one segment
      • spreadsheet generated program and cell names not based on PGC name
      • compositor overwriting run time of non-composited video
      • compositor gradient colorspace not preserved in mxp
      • striping in gradients caused by floating point math
      • problem decoding certain bmp files with unusual image offset value
    Version 1.1.4
    • Release Date: Aug 2, 2008
    • Adds:
      • Ability to rotate cartesian space
      • Check on subpicture timing performed after adding/replacing subpicture files.
      • Timing is adjusted to prevent overlap.
      • Save composition as bmp
      • Cut/Copy/Paste multiple elements in compositor
      • Cut/Copy/Paste multiple video, audio, and subpicture play (file or composition) in timeline
    • Improved:
      • rendering speedup (remembering last rendered image, gradient optimizations)
      • check for changes before asking to save composition
      • color coded subpicture insert pointer in timeline display
      • current time caret in timeline display
      • timeline time scale spacing now based on frames rather than arbitrary spacing
    • Fixed:
      • problem with alphablending that caused large gradients to be mispositioned
      • calculation of segment duration in timeline display when video duration is "audio end"
      • better accounting for vertical scrollbar presence in timeline display
      • export to m2v not exporting correct image if any element was from video
      • crash if goto target was more than 15 characters
      • audio delay same for all streams
      • false error when multiplexing after editing highlight
      • crash when dropping files onto audio or sub track
    Version 1.1.3
    • Release Date: Jun 27, 2008
    • Adds: 4 color gradients lines
    • Fixed: run time of video assets being changed to incorrect values sub-menu to add shapes and text was accidentally disabled in production build
    Version 1.1.2
    • Release Date: Jun 12, 2008
    • Adds:
      • Ability to remove padding in DTS streams
      • SubMenu to select compositor element (note: elements were formerly called layers)
      • Compositor now has text and geometric shapes as elements
      • Replaced arrows from wingding font with bitmaps, wingding font no longer needed
    • Fixed:
      • UOP dialog in timeline is now popup vice child of listbox to ensure complete visibility.
      • main window, Compositor/Viewer, and Color Picker position corrected to be 100% onscreen.
      • when exiting the normal screen position is saved, not the current position. This means that the window can be moved, and if MuxMan is exited from the maximized state the position saved for the next time will not change to the upper left corner.
      • Spreadsheet scene buttons now update after adding or removing a PGC reference.
      • Changed viewer/editor NTSC 16:9 display size to 853x480, was 864x480.
      • "Exit Saving Settings" hang from non-compositor function. Also disabled ability to enter compositor from other functions as this will not work.
      • calculation of object height in compositor not rounding properly
      • certain properties of streams were being lost due to db not in sync with locals
      • sub import editor would crash if entered with no subs
    Version 1.1.1
    • Release Date: Apr 8, 2008
    • Adds:10 additional wipe patterns for SubPicture effects
    • Subs display "F" for forced and "E" for effects in timeline
    • Swap/Clear/Remove/Renumber audio/sub streams
    • Video, Audio, and Subs can replace single file with multiple files
    • Drag/Drop to subs
    • Fixed:cancel wipe pattern selection no longer clears pattern (psr 10101001)
    • small bugs in timeline display (cursor time, "no file" in sub stream)(psr 10101002)
    • calculation of default video duration for gui (no audio)(psr 10101003)
    • tt_srpt title type bits for Jump/Link/Call commands (psr 10101004)
    • difficult to select subpictures with no stop (0 duration) in timeline display
    • subs in wrong VOBU if display time > previous still (psr 10101005)
    • sp_synca can contain incorrect values (psr 10101006)
    • Errors importing and exporting audio files (psr 10101007)
    • CLI mode (.mxp files without scenes)(psr 10101008)
    Version 1.1.0
    • Release Date: Mar 4, 2008
    • Adds:Timeline graphical interface.
    • Explode function - expands a slideshow video into individual frames so that each frame has its own duration.
    • Fixed:Audio multi-file manager was clearing audio delay on startup.
    Version 1.0.4
    • Release Date: Feb 9, 2008
    • Improved: both highlight/buttons/effects editor and subpicture import adjust editor changed to navigate by segment time, not asset time. This allows viewing the entire segment, not just one asset, and also shows where assets have been time-stretched by still.
    • Fixed: Ability to specify run length of slideshow video
    • Fixed: Several problems positioning slideshow video to correct source frame
    Version 1.0.3
    • Release Date: Jan 21, 2008
    • crash or hang in subpicture adjust if no video
    • problems with jump/link targets in button command editor
    • symbol table not always updated before editing commands
    Version 1.0.2
    • Release Date: Dec 4, 2007
    • code cleanup (remove DBlist and DBallocs)
    • Adds:
      • delete palette (delete and rename disabled for "DefaultPalette" or any in-use palette)
      • context menu for highlight only (no button) in highlight editor plus:
        • ability to delete FA and FS
        • ability to set the number of numerically selectable buttons
      • ability to set forced display in subpicture import adjust
      • ability to replace a subpicture with a new image but retain all other values.
      • SubPicture Fade effect from Scenarist script
      • Main window can now be maximized/resized and 2 tabs (spreadsheet and palettes) will resize
    • Improved:
      • SubPicture multi-file manager now shows where a subpicture will be in the timeline after making a change to the display time with a colored line. Green indicates no problem with the time, yellow indicates overlap with an existing subpicture, and red indicates the move cannot be made due to highlight information needing to be swapped. note: the multi-file manager cannot swap highlights, that is a very complicated change to the data requiring seeking out all commands (menu items) of both highlights from all PGCs.
    • Fixed:
      • unable to edit subpictures or highlights with a composite or simple image for video.
      • selecting a button cleared auto-action flag for button
      • unable to select button unless highlight layer displayed
      • moved controls in import adjust panel due to large fonts
      • clicking on a button with no move was setting highlight as modified button icon and compass not showing links on unmodified highlight
      • VM command editor was losing handle to link controls in type 3 editing
      • emulation not working correctly for subs other than full size
      • disallow immediate compare for JumpTT and JumpVts_TT in VM command editor
      • conversion from contrast percentage to contrast number needed rounding up

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