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This is the version history page for MCEBuddy, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 2.6.1
  • Release Date: Oct 14, 2023
  • Changelog for 2.6.1 (64bit)


    1. Added support for Windows 11
    2. Added support for extracting ad markers from cTiVO MP4 recordings
    3. Added options to specify custom cli parameters for Comskip in Conversion Tasks → Expert Settings


    1. Fix for identifying MP4 episode metadata (Streamfab and iTunes)
    2. Fix >10 metadata correction entries caused UI problems
    3. Fix for broken internet metadata matching and updates
    4. Fix for conversions failing when processing a read only file
    5. Improve detection and correction of IMDB id from metadata
    6. Fix IMDB metadata


    1. Fix for validating network paths
    2. Added support for 10K and 16K max resolution
    3. Use Alt + N to add new metadata correction row entry
    4. Added support for Basque, Faroese and Galician language translations
    5. Show network credential warning once per network path when adding files manually. Warnings are reset when MCEBuddy is closed or minimized
    6. Improve series premiere date (series air date) matching with TVDB
    7. Report status of rescan command when sent via CLI
    8. Updated base libraries, security and stability
    9. Allow for manual metadata corrections without downloading
    10. Improve pop up help on how to use regex to match and replace titles in manual metadata correction
    11. Added %imdbmovieid% - IMDb Movie ID, %movieid% - TMDB Movie ID, %seriesid% - TVDB Series ID patterns to custom renaming options
    12. Improved the CommandLine Engine status display to sync with the GUI
    13. Added support for 18 new language translations (total 129 languages)
    14. Speed up IMDB metadata for long running shows
Version 2.3.13
  • Release Date: Nov 14, 2013
    • Added support for 2 GUI start up command (/startmin and /startengine). Refer to documentation for more details
    • Added support to show the history of converted files, status, profile, conversion duration etc and copy to clipboard
    • Added support for user provided translations to be loaded at runtime on the fly. User can create custom translations by creating a <language>-fixed.txt in the Localization directory (e.g. de-fixed.txt). The format of the files is a tab separated translation, one row for each phrase (no quotes), i.e. <english text><TAB><translated text>
    • Added support for Klingon language (go start trek!)
    • Added a new window for expert settings, no more meddling with mcebuddy.conf (use carefully!)
    • Users can now define a custom profiles.conf file so they don’t need to keep replacing it after each upgrade. NOTE: if you use this feature you will miss out on new enhancements and performance improvements to profiles.conf that comes with mcebuddy upgrades.
    • Added support for pre conversion Custom Commands (prefixed with the letters Pre). This custom command is run BEFORE the conversion process (before copying EDL/SRT file and before remuxing) starts but after extracting the metadata. Refer to documentation for more details.
    • Added option for suspending conversion on battery power and automatically resuming on a/c
    • Added performance metrics to conversion log
    • Emails are now stored in a new email engine and retried every 5 minutes until they are successfully sent (indefinitely), even if the engine is in stopped mode.
    • Upgraded ffmpeg to build Apr 28th 2013
    • Improved remote engine connect and GUI responsive performance
    • GUI now shows a message if conversion is paused because it’s outside the programmed schedule
    • Updated CCExtractor to 0.65 and improved validation of SRT files to avoid failed conversions due to non compliant SRT files
    • Improved encoding performance by up to 50% by rationalizing bitrates and encoders
    • Better handling of crashes due to corrupted or incorrect profiles
    • Added ffmpeg encoding of aac multichannel audio
    • ffmpeg and handbrake profiles are about 30% faster
    • Sync converted files now works with manual files and even after restarting the engine, it scans all converted files in the History file and sync them
    • Improved the quality of high quality profiles by upto 60%
    • Improved the performance of Monitor Tasks and processing conversion queues over extended periods of time and for very large filesystems
    • Two new custom command parameters added, %taskname% and %profile%
    • Added support for customized eMail subjects
    • In some cases MCEBuddy can prevent system hibernation when Allow Sleep is unchecked
    • Updated MKVMerge to 6.2.0
    • Removed header compression from all tracks in MKV and added meta seek data for better seeking and compatibility with hardware
    • Optimized bitrate of profiles for size, speed and quality
    • Added support for pause event in service, improved shutdown support
    • FixedResolution=true now also fixes the bitrate specified in the profile, refer to the documentation for more detail
    • Updated handbrake to 0.9.9 (support for fast deinterlacing Bob filter)
    • Engine and conversion status now shown in status bar
    • Now notifications and custom eMail subjects for adding a conversion to the queue
    • GUI reporting incorrect info sometimes
    • MCEBuddy drash due to CCExtractor parsing corrupted closed caption file
    • Prevent any 3rd party apps from crashing mcebuddy
    • Sometimes remote event logs didn’t display properly
    • Fix announcement text size, sometimes too large, is now scrolling
    • Change and Delete button in the Settings page sometimes caused an error when nothing is selected and the buttons are pressed
    • MKV profile incorrectly used AAC instead of AC3 for handbrake fallback
    • Multichannel audio output did not work when audio language was selected
    • Original TS files would get overwritten
    • Original EDL and SRT files would get deleted when using Rename Only option without checking Delete Original
    • Original files would not get deleted after checking Delete Original if Show or Network metafilters were set
    • Once a file has been processed for matching metafilters (show or network) it would not reprocess the file when the filters where changed
    • MCEBUDDY does not install ffdshow anymore since it breaks WTV playback (MPEG2)
    • Skip crop checking if cropping is disabled (speed improvement)
    • Upgraded MediaInfo to 0.7.63 (hanging with some WTV files)
    • Issues with some files not converting due to ffmpeg MediaInfo parsing crash
    • Test eMail timeout fixed
    • Handbrake not creating 6ch AAC files (profiles should either remove -6 or add -6 5point1, -6 auto will downmix the channels for AAC audio)
    • Test emails are now sent from the engine instead of the client
    • Default audio and video information selection which could prevent multichannel audio from being created
    • Fixed issue with large lists and event logs overloading the communication channel
Version 2.3.12
  • Release Date: Apr 8, 2013
  • Download(s):
    1. Added only renaming files in Conversion Options. When selected, all video processing options are disabled, except for Custom Commands
    2. MKV/AVI/TS profiles now support output for Multiple Audio tracks if the input contains multiple audio tracks and Audio Language is set to
    3. Added handling standBy or hibernate states
    4. Added CPUAffinity parameter in MCEBuddy.conf. Refer to documentation for more details
    5. Added %ismovie% to the custom renaming. This allows for 2 separate renaming patterns if it’s a movie or if it’s a TV show
    6. Added DownloadBanner=false in mcebuddy.conf to override downloading banner/artwork
    7. New Features: Added support for adding subtitles (SRT) files (either from the Closed Captions or a SRT file with the source video) to MKV and MP4 files
    8. Added support for adding chapters to MP4 and MKV files when Skip Commercial Cutting is enabled so that one can skip the commercials like chapters
    9. Added support to link Monitor Tasks to Conversion Tasks
    10. Added support for Channel name matching to Conversion Tasks
    11. Added support for using Recycle Bin when deleting the original recording in MCEBuddy.conf, UseRecycleBin=true
    12. Added %imdbmovieid% to custom rename for Movie Id
    13. Added a button to clear the history file in the settings page. This will force MCEBuddy to reconvert all files being monitored
    14. Added support for downloading info from and for movies and TV shows. Now MCEBuddy supports, TVDB, TMDB,, IMDB. The information is incremental, i.e. each DB add additional information since no DB is perfect
    15. Added support for nPVR XML and ArgusTV ARG file for metadata extraction
    16. Added support for TiVO files (need MAK key)
    17. Added ForceWTVStreamsRemuxing=true flag to profile
    18. Added support for special commands in profile sections for user parameter replacement. Refer to documentation for more details
    1. DirectShow based graph stream extraction for WTV and DVRMS files (smoother)
    2. AVIDemux 2.6.1, better TS commercial removal
    3. Atomic Parsley 0.9.5 to support iTunes 11
    4. MP4Box 0.5.0, better commercial removal
    5. Handbrake 0.9.8, faster conversion
    6. Some profiles are about 23% faster during conversion now
    7. Cancelling job almost instant now
    8. UniversalCommercialRemover=true now forces all commercial removal to happen post conversion, unless PreConversionCommercialRemover=true is specified
    9. Added PreConversionCommercialRemover=true. This forces all commercials to be cut before the conversion
    10. Added %airhourampm%, %recordhourampm% to custom commands and custom rename. Added %recordhour% to custom commands
    11. If user specifies Audio language selection in profile.conf parameters, MCEBuddy will not override it
    12. Only isolate audio language is specifically request by user (i.e. not set to ). Otherwise it leave audio track selection to the encoders
    13. CustomCommand Month,Day,Hour,Minute are single digit numbers by default i.e. 9 instead of 09
    14. Support multiple audio tracks in output file. If you select as the Audio Language in the conversion options AND add "-map 0:a -map 0:v" in the ffmpeg-video section for the ffmpeg profile and it will copy/convert all audio tracks. This only works with ffmpeg profiles
    15. Handles files with corrupted audio / 0 channel audio better and faster.
    16. Normal naming convention does not use record date in the name if the season and episode information are available
    17. Extracting Showname and AirDate from Filename (SHOWNAME_YYYYMMDD_XYZ or SHOWNAME_YYYYMMDD) for Metadata lookup
    18. Added %srtfile%, %edlfile% and %workingpath% in custom commands
    19. Check for Showanalyzer before installing
    20. Archive/Delete original SRT, EDL and XML files as configured with source recording
    21. Support for audio delay for any format
    22. Added AllowH264CopyRemuxing=true in profiles.conf to remux H264 files without recoding, allowing to convert H264 WTV to MP4,MKV,TS etc without recoding
    23. Support for virtually any extension through -remuxto
    24. If MCEBuddy finds an XML file in the temp directory it moves it to the destination folder along with the converted file (useful if Comskip is set to generate XML files or any other app/tool)
    25. Clicking the X button minimized MCEBuddy. Press the “ESC” key or close button to close MCEBuddy
    26. Custom Commands now supports %season%## and %episode%##
    27. Added support for iPad, iPad HiRes and iPhone HiRes profiles
    28. Added a parameter section for DVRMSRemux in mcebuddy.conf for remuxing DVRMS files
    29. Added a 2 new translation languages, Malay and Urdu
    30. More accurate matching on TVDB and MovieDB for names, now ignores whitespaces and special characters
    31. Added a flag in mcebuddy.conf to IgnoreCopyProtection=true. When set the conversion will log an error it if encounters a copy protected video but will continue conversion
    32. Improved handling of corrupted and H264 remuxing
    33. Better support for detecting hung processes
    34. Improved Subtitles sync when cutting commercials. Can be adjusted using the SubtitleSegmentOffset=x.x parameter in mcebuddy.conf
    35. Added message to show version mismatch between the client and engine
    36. Event logs are now taken from the remote engine machine
    37. Added support for the latest version of ffmpeg which has broken WTV and MP4 support, refer to ffmpeg bug #2227
    1. Non TS/DVRMS/WTV files not remuxed when commercial removal disabled
    2. <encoder>- unsupported flag was broken in 2.3.11
    3. Conversion failures due to Zero Channel audio tracks which caused Trimming and conversion issues for TS and WTV files
    4. Custom Commands, some parameters broken
    5. Hang if get MediaInfo is clicked while paused
    6. Cropping, causing the conversion to fail sometimes
    7. Very small cuts (<5 seconds) sometimes caused the commercial removal to fail
    8. Some WTV files are not being read by FFMPEG, use RemuxSupp instead
    9. When there are over 1000 files in the queue, the GUI starts flashing and stops responding
    10. Copy encoder which would cause TS from WTV/DVRMS/TS to accidentally delete the original TS file
    11. Audio video sync for AVI Mpeg2 profiles and provided more redundancy options. TS and AVI MPEG2 profiles have been renamed to better consistency
    12. Archive & Delete Original now only take effect if the recorded file and converted files don’t have the same name and paths
    13. Audio delay now working properly with support for multiple audio streams
    14. MCEBuddy now prefers non-impaired audio streams ONLY when the audio language has been selected in the conversion task page. This is to avoid blank audio streams (impaired)
    15. Remote Client not able to remember remote engine name
    16. Sometimes downloading series information from TVDB/MovieDB would get the wrong country / show or blank information
    17. Fixed ffmpeg based profiles for devices (lack of “” in vf filter would cause conversion to fail)
    18. Fixed aspect ratio / stretching of some SD recordings
    19. Changing the language locale started a new app
    20. BigFix: Closed captions offset not always consistent when using handbrake
    21. Fix an issue with the metadata encoding, now it supports local encodings instead of Latin-1 or UTF-8
    22. Re-remuxing audio due to zero channel audio with language selection leading to wrong audio track selection
    23. While removing commercials from a TS file, if there are more than 1 audio track they extra tracks would get lost leaving the converted file with only 1 audio track (randomly chosen)
    24. In constant quality mode (e.g. -qscale) MCEBuddy will not adjust the quality to compensate for resolution changes since it is constant quality
    25. With rename only, files now follow the settings of Delete Original, Archive and Sync Converted Files
    26. Screen now scrolls properly if the form size is larger than usable screen size
    27. Network credentials for new tasks before saving sometimes did not work
    28. Forcing a IMDB movieid for movies did not work
    29. Invalid duration checking for video sometimes caused conversion failure
    30. Don’t sent conversion failure eMail if meta match filter fails
    31. General Settings were not saved if changed before Conversion Tasks or Monitor Tasks were updated
    32. Closed captions extraction would cause the conversion to fail with commercial cutting was enabled
    33. ShowMedia Info caused the GUI to crash
    34. Commercial removal would fail with empty EDL files
    35. [ and ] are not allowed in filenames since it messes up the History and Conf INI files
    36. If SRT files were empty, conversion would fail
    37. Major bug which prevented MCEBuddy from monitoring and writing to some directories (both local and remote). Now ALL remote files will need a username and password to connect to the network resource UNLESS the remote drive accepts guest OR everyone authentication. MCEBuddy does NOT support mapped drives.
    38. Sync converted file now also deletes EDL, SRT and XML files along with the converted file
    39. Commercial removal would fail if a ‘ character was in the filename
    40. Some recordings would lead to no audio in the converted file
    41. Accidentally deleted EDL and SRT files after a successful conversion
    42. CustomCommandParameters are now NOT enclosed in Double Quotes. If the application requires Double Quotes, you need to enclose the parameters in double quotes in CustomCommandParameters. E.g. “%episodename%”.
Version 2.3.11
  • Release Date: Dec 26, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Enhancement: 37% increase in speed for remuxing videos
  • Enhancement: 12% to 34% increase in speed for MP4 and MKV profilesv
  • Enhancement: Remote communication now uses SOAP 1.1 interfaces for compatibility
  • Enhancement: Significant performance increase while scanning network folders for new files (monitor location adds files oldest to newest in the queue)
  • Enhancement: Improved profiles and redundancy for PS3, Xbox360, PSP High Resolution, iPhone, Zune, MP4 and MKV
  • Enhancement: ReMuxing now shows a progress % and ETA for completion
  • Enhancement: Added support for 60 days and 90 days minimum age before conversion
  • Enhancement: Added support for virtually any video and audio format
  • Enhancement: Updated FFMPEG to a special Dec 21st 2012 build
  • Enhancement: Updated Comskip to 0.81.051 build
  • Enhancement: Improved DVRMS remuxing
  • Enhancement: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.61
  • New Feature: Added support for masked passwords
  • New Feature: Added support for keeping converted files in sync with source files (i.e. if the source files is deleted, the converted file(s) are deleted also). NOTE: this only works on Monitored location source files and ONLY while MCEBuddy is running, MCEBuddy cannot track source files which are deleted while MCEBuddy is stopped.
  • New Feature: Added support for a VCD profile (mpeg1/mp2)
  • New Feature: Added support for %airmonthshort%, %airmonthlong%, %airdayshort%, %airdaylong%, %recordmonthshort%, %recordmonthlong%, %recorddayshort%, %recorddaylong% to rename file options and custom commands (refer to documentation for more information)
  • BugFix: Fixed issues with Trimming which caused audio to go out of sync or disappear
  • BugFix: Fixed issues with DivX AVI Fast profile which caused Audio issues
  • BugFix: Added support to clean up firewall on uninstall and better support for opening ports
  • BugFix: Fixed a bug with writing missing WTV tags
  • BugFix: Update WTV profile, fixed WTV conversion which failed to create working files > 2GB
  • BugFix: Partial fix TS from WTV/DVRMS/TS profile which would cause MCEBuddy to crash (underlying issue with ffmpeg, to be fixed later)
  • BugFix: Error in trimming some corrupted files due to defect in ffmpeg, workaround provided.
  • BugFix: Audio sync bugfix, ffmpeg has an issue if -ss is specified in the -video section which causes the audio to drift, instead put it in the -general section and problem is resolved.
  • BugFix: Fixed no audio in WTV files when commercial removal enabled
  • BugFix: Fixed a bug which caused the original TS files to be overwritten
  • BugFix: Trimming now works with WMV files
  • BugFix: MPG files audio sync issues fixed
  • BugFix: Changed %recorddate% to %recordday% in custom commands parameters
  • BugFix: Fixed a rare crash in the user application when changing priority or enabling controls and the system was overloaded (due to timeout error)
  • BugFix: Fixed bug with ShowAnalyzer hang which caused the user application to give an error, unable to connect to MCEBuddy Service. (check Documentation for more details)
Version 2.3.10 Version 2.3.9
  • Release Date: Nov 28, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added support for WTV output profile
  • Added support for minimizing MCEBuddy to the system tray
  • Added support for custom archive folder
  • Added support to disable subdirectory monitoring
  • Added support for better TS file cutting through AVIDemux
  • Revamped the SRT extracting code, now done just before conversion (after trimming) to keep in better sync. SRT extraction is now done after cutting along KeyFrame boundary lines (like EDL cutting) to keep in sync.
  • Added support for cutting WMV files with ASFBin – much more reliable
  • Updated profiles.conf to make the audio sync and cutting more reliable (-async 1 should come before –threads 0)
  • Cleaned up the translations file - now only GUI translations are kept to make manageability easier for users to submit corrections
  • Better support for removing commercials from files
  • Fixed an issue with some OTA recordings failing while remuxing
  • Fixed a bug where original TS files can get deleted after Remuxing
  • NoRecode profile renamed, WMP does not support MPEG-2 in AVI by default. Need to install FFDSHOW and Enable MPEG-2 in AVI.
  • Added support for writing Tags to AVI files, enhanced support for writing tags to WMV, MP4 and MP3 files. Enhanced support for reading metadata from files.
  • Fixed a bug in writing Album Art
  • Updated MKVMerge to v5.8.0
  • Updated FFMPEG to Nov 14th, 2012 build
Version 2.3.8
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Huge increase in Engine and UI performance (significantly reduced Disk IO)
  • Better support for uninstalling and shutting down MCEBuddy service
  • Bugfix in settings User Interface, eMail and uPnP UI checkbox getting interlinked
Version 2.3.7
  • Release Date: Nov 5, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Improved performance of MP4 Fast and M4V Fast Profiles (no deinterlacing, removed --decomb)
  • Improved priority handling
  • Added support for Pausing and Resume conversions
  • Added support for fallback to source directory if network destination directory is unavailable
  • MCEBuddy now installs ShowAnalyzer during installation
  • Added support for long description atom in iTunes
Version 2.3.6
  • Release Date: Oct 29, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Fixed a bug in multichannel audio conversion failure. AAC does not support 6 channel audio, MCEBuddy now checks for it and force the output to 2 channel if AAC codec is specified
  • Fixed a bug in Original Broadcast Date and Time. Original Broadcast Date and Time is reported in UTC timezone in WTV metadata. TVDB and MovieDB dates are reported in network timezone. It is assumed the video is recorded and converted on the same machine, i.e. local timezone and network timezone are same.
  • Added support for airhour and airminute for custom command and custom rename
  • Fixed a bug in custom commands for reporting the air day (airday and not airdate)
  • Added support for Windows 8
  • Added support for fallback to handbrake if mencoder and ffmpeg fail (for some HD videos) for MP4 profiles and MKV profiles
  • Default profile is now MP4 Normal (to speed up conversion without much compromise in quality)
  • Bugifx for exception on service close which will help to do a clean reboot/uninstall
Version 2.3.5
  • Release Date: Oct 25, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Fixed a bug causing MCEBuddy to crash during or after installation on Windows XP
  • Bugfix for resource leak with UPnP which would lead to a failure after many days
  • Increased the UPnP discovery re-scan interval from 10 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Added support for specifying TVDB and IMDB id’s in the conversion task page (forcing the internet lookup for metadata)
Version 2.3.4
  • Release Date: Oct 21, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.3.3 that would cause HD recordings and recordings with multiple audio channels to fail.
  • Updated option to compare with all Audio tracks for videos with multiple audio tracks.
  • Fixed a bug with SRT and EDL files, when input and output directory are the same the files are not preserved.
Version 2.3.3
  • Release Date: Oct 21, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • MCEBuddy now supports PIPE (2.2.15 style) and the newer remote TCP communication. This is to solve problems with faulty Ceton network drivers and some issues with older system related to load. When using LOCALHOST, MCEBuddy uses PIPE communication otherwise it uses TCP based communication.
  • UPnP is now disabled by Default since it interferes with some TV Tuner cards (CETON) that represent themselves as Network devices (bad drivers). Also as a security measure to avoid external connections without user approval.
  • Added support for validating custom file rename pattern on the Conversion Task page.
  • Added support for reordering the queue on the Main page (drag and move)
  • Pop Up help now comes up faster
  • Default naming convention now is (ShowName\\ShowName-SXXEYY-EpisodeName-RecordDate) (also fixed a bug which now renames using recorded date rather an original broadcast date)
  • Conversion now fail immediately of the file has a copy protected flag set
  • Added a fix for -unsupported option in profiles.conf (updated profiles.conf and documentation)
  • Minor bugfix in XML content – now reports video/audio/codec information for original video file rather than remuxed intermediate file
  • Tweaking handbrake profiles to use decomb filter, significant improvement in quality
Version 2.3.2
  • Release Date: Oct 9, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added support for generating XBMC XML NFO files for files in the conversion queue (store it along with the source video with source video name.nfo). Right click on the file in queue and select generate XML
  • UI bugifx, start and end trim box locations interchanged
  • Added support for removing commercials from non DVRMS/WTV files (MP4, AVI etc)
  • Now checking for Firewall port status before enabling (might help with some firewall problems)
  • User Interface performance improvements and faster exit (less hanging)
Version 2.3.1
  • Release Date: Oct 5, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • All remote MCEBuddy Client Server architecture (GUI runs remotely/independently from engine now)
  • Fixed bug in Audio Offset
  • Added support for remote MediaInfo (right click on file in queue to get info)
  • After an upgrade the original comskip.ini in teh config directory is now restored as comskip.ini.old (you can always use customized comskip.ini files through the conversion task GUI page)
Version 2.2.18
  • Release Date: Oct 1, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added support for checking if Showanalyzer has hung and cancelling it
  • New version of comskip, 0.81.48
  • Speeding up comskip
  • Fixed a build bug in 64bit 2.2.17
  • Added a new comkip.ini, better commercial detection for international channels and less aggressive. Old one has been retained as comskip_old.ini
  • Added support for Audio Offset on Conversion Task page in GUI (this overrides the profiles AudioDelay when specified)
Version 2.2.17
  • Release Date: Sep 29, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Fixed bugs around thread synchronization with new remote model (fixes cause the app to crash or hang)
  • Updated UPnP code base, faster and more reliable now
  • Now you can get audio/video properties for multiple files on main page. Selected multiple files and right click, all selected files properties will be shown.
  • Fix a bug, not able to enter a conversion task name in the GUI
Version 2.2.16
  • Release Date: Sep 27, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added support for remote connections for status and configuration. MCEBuddy now uses port 23332. The remote server name, remote server port and local server port can be updated from the MCEBuddy.conf file BUT the Service or GUI needs to be restarted (i.e. reboot or restart service or restart program) for it to take effect. Refer to documentation for more details
  • Added support for remote mobile connections (iPhone, Windows mobile, Andriod, Blackberry)
  • Added support for UPnP. MCEBuddy now automatically enabled UPnP NAT forwarding on all discovered UPnP devices (ipv4 and ipv6). UPnP can be enabled or disabled through the settings page.
  • Added support for MCEBuddy to enable UPnP on Windows Firewall.
  • Provided an option to skip free space check on the settings page. This can useful for some network drive and some very large video files.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added support for remote connection to MCEBuddy Engines from the MCEBuddy User Interface. Click on the Connect to Remote Engine button to manage multiple MCEBuddy Servers now.
  • The GUI now gets the settings from the engine rather than reading from the config file. So if the engine is not running the GUI cannot make any changes. Multiple remote GUI are now supported and changes made in 1 GUI are replicated across other GUI’s dynamically.
  • Added a standalone Client for MCEBuddy that can be used to connect to engines installed on other machines.
Version 2.2.15
  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added support for %originalfilepath% to get the source file full path. Used for custom commands only.
  • Added support for better parsing of Media Portal XML files to extract ShowName and Episode Name and download additional details from TVDB (like Season No, Episode No etc).
  • Added support for TVDB seriesID in metadata
  • Added support for eMail non blocking UI test
Version 2.2.14
  • Release Date: Sep 5, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added support for %originalfilename% to get the source filename without the path and without the extension. Used for custom commands and custom renaming
  • Added new version of Atomic Parsley that support files > 4GB
Version 2.2.13
  • Release Date: Aug 27, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Minor bugfix, ?Test? in eMail settings would not work unless OK had been clicked to save the settings.
  • Not being able to read free disk space (e.g. NAS) now returns a Warning instead of a conversion failure.
  • Fixed a minor bug which sometimes reprocessed files already archived.
  • Readded support for 2ChannelAudio in profile.conf (overrides GUI settings)
  • Added support for multiple Mobile/Portable profiles (ported from MCEBuddy 1.1)

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