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Give a man the news, and he will be informed. Teach a man to write the news, and he will be biased.


Jason F (JasonF_DDigest)'s Most Popular News Submissions (out of last 50):
  1. Porn Site 'Perfect 10' Sues Megaupload
  2. Android's YouTube Video Rentals Doesn't Like Rooted Phones
  3. MP3tunes Wins, and Loses, Copyright Case Against EMI
  4. Music Industry: Copyright Laws Don't Go Far Enough
  5. Top American ISPs Plan To Adopt 'Graduated Response', Banning Subscribers For Piracy
Jason F (JasonF_DDigest)'s Most Recent News Submissions:
  1. Swiss Government: Piracy Is Legal For Personal Use
  2. Groups Testify At SOPA Hearing, Internet Campaign Swamps Congress
  3. Music Industry: Copyright Laws Don't Go Far Enough
  4. Google Bans FrostWire From Android Market, Doesn't Say Why
  5. Piracy Not The Biggest Threat, Says Miramax, Netflix Chiefs, Digital Monopolies Are

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