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Disc News: Games on DVD-ROM

Posted by: , 14:41 AEST, Sat April 10, 2004
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Why aren't there more games on DVD-ROM discs, considering everyone has DVD-ROM drives these days. Why aren't there more releases like Unreal Tournament 2004 DVD Edition...
Those of you that subscribe to our newsletter will know about my ranting regarding DVD-ROM applications, and the lackof. I've always though that by now, all games (that require more than 1 CD) should come out on DVD-ROM, considering that all new computers come with DVD-ROM drives already. With the space DVD-ROM offers, game producers could take a leaf out of the movie studio's books and offer special editions or extra content for games. Here's a story that seem to confirm my view.

Atari has announced that it will release a two-DVD version of Unreal Tournament 2004, with bonus material on the second disc. The earlier (and limited circulation) Special Edition also came out on DVD, and was a big hit according to Atari, with the new two-DVD version being a watered down version of the Special Edition.

Other game producers take note ...


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