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HTPC News Roundup: Antec Overture case and Xbox 2

Posted by: , 15:39 AEST, Tue March 30, 2004
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Just a roundup of some HTPC (Home Theatre PC) related news, the Antec Overture case, Xbox 2 and HDMI ...
Just a roundup of some HTPC (Home Theatre PC) related news ... has a review for the Antec Overture HTPC case, which features a stylish black Piano finish and ultra quiet operations. Reports from owners of the case does suggest that longer expansion cards may have problems fitting into this (and other HTPC) cases, and the review does cover this issue.

From TechNewsWorld, there's some speculation as to what the Xbox 2 will feature, and one of the things mentioned was HDMI output. We mentioned the emergence of HDMI news article a couple of days ago, and if this news story is true, then it supports our view that HDMI will be as big as USB. HDMI is something that can be used in both the field of computing and digital home entertainment, and more likely than not, it could be a vital link between the convergence of these two fields.


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