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GOG Launches 'FCK DRM' to Promote DRM-Free Movement

Posted by: , 19:00 AEST, Sat September 1, 2018

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GOG says 'FCK DRM' to promote the benefits of DRM-free
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The DRM-free movement may be about to get a kick-start thanks to a new initiative launched by game platform GOG.

GOG has been a long time advocate of DRM-free for gaming, but it has joined forces with other DRM-free proponents to launch a new portal, FCK DRM, to help users find DRM-free content and to explain why keeping content DRM-free is so important.

As the portal explains, content with Digital Rights Management protection means you can easily lose access to your "purchased" content if the rights-holders decide one day to no longer support the DRM. You'll also often have to make do without the ability to back up your content, access it offline and lose the rights granted to you by law as a consumer.

In addition, DRM also makes digital preservation a difficult if not impossible (and often illegal) task, meaning the ability to use certain content could be lost forever in the future due to incompatiblity and lack of support from publishers.

But it's no good to just promote DRM-free, if users can't actually find good DRM-free content. This is why FCK DRM also provides links to several other portals, other than GOG, where users can find DRM-free music, movies, games and books, including places like Bandcamp and Vimeo on Demand.

Users are also urged to support the non-profits fighting for our DRM-free rights, Defective By Design and the EFF.


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