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Roku Accidentally Removes Netflix, YouTube Channels on Piracy Grounds

Posted by: , 15:10 AEST, Sat May 19, 2018

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Roku blocks YouTube and Netflix for pirated content, accidentally, says the company
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Image/Photo Credit: Peter Tsai @supertsai

For a few hours last week, Roku removed both the Netflix and YouTube channels, and a few others, on copyright grounds. 

Instead of starting these apps normally, users were faced with a FBI warning screen that warned that the services in question have been removed due to copyright complaints received by Roku.

When users starting complaining about the service interruption, Roku took to Twitter to explain what had happened and to offer an apology.

"We are aware of a technical glitch that is affecting the Channel Store and channel playback on your Roku device. We hope to resolve the issue shortly. You can get a status update at We apologize for any inconvenience," the Twitter post read.

A statement from Roku later clarified that the accidental removal of Netflix, YouTube and other legal channels may have come about during anti-piracy actions by the company against other infringing channels.

Roku has been under the copyright spotlight recently, after legal action forced Roku products off store shelves, which has forced Roku to take more proactive action against channels that may be offering pirated content.

Roku has since issued an update that fixes the locked channels, and has urged users to perform a system update if they're still experiencing issues.

[via TorrentFreak]


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